Thursday, March 12, 2015

Illustrated 3D Rocking Chair - Chalk Painted Furniture Flip! A great place to read Dr. Seuss to your children.

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Hello Readers! I am excited to share with you yet another Illustrated Chalk Painted piece of furniture. Done up in a cheerful color of yellow (the hand made Sunflower Chalk Paint mixed with Alamo White by Shabby Paints) and shaded in a Sunflower color. The line work was done in Licorice from Shabby Paints also. NOTE: I tried the DIY Latex recipe... poor coverage, ruins brushes, costs more over all, and drips a whole lot, takes longer to dry between coats and over all I just didn't care for it like I care for my Shabby Paints Acrylic Chalk Paint. Adding Alamo White to the Sunflower helps on the lighter color but it still had a lot of issues and took me longer to finish this piece then I would have liked.

This chair would be so much fun in a Nursery or Child's bedroom.

Or perhaps a Library or Classroom with a reading rug and story time!

Maybe it was meant for that perfect photo shoot for a photographer prop to have for their clients.

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Leave us a note in the comments below! Do you like this color? technique? Where would you put this chair?

~ L. Grace Lauer


  1. Adorable! I LOVE this rocker! You are doing a fabulous job with these pieces.

  2. I love this chair! Especially the yellow. Would be super cute with a matching little one.

  3. Wow!!!! You did a great job! I have never seen anything like this! It looks as if you pulled it out from the books!


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